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In 1983 the District Governors of V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 and V6 appointed a committee to consider the possibilities of the formation within the six Lions Club Districts which cover the State of Victoria and parts of Southern New South Wales.

The committee members were Leo Tyquin (Chairman), Jeff Lawrence and David Blyth.

There was a strong consensus that it would be in the best interest of Lionism to have one foundation to embrace existing ones and any future major fund-raising and other activitity involving all six Districts.

Investigations indicated that the existing Victoria Lions Charitable Foundations with minimal formal constitutional amendments could be used as the umbrella. The only member of the existing foundation at that time was Lions Village Nicola. However, the objects enabled other suitably qualified foundations, or fund raising activities, to operate the same constitution.

It was proposed to present the required constitutional amendments to the annual general meeting of the Victoria Lions Charitable Foundation in June 1984. It was proposed that those ammendments if approved would be submitted to the 1984 V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 and V6 District Conventions for approval.

The Committee welcomed input from any interested Lions. Final submissions were to be received up to March 1984

Minutes of the inaugral meeting and Report to the District Governors 1983-84

Minutes of Meeting Sep 03 1984

Minutes of Meeting Feb 21 1985

Minutes (Part) of Meeting Apr 1985

Minutes of Meeting Oct 24 1985

Minutes of Meeting Feb 23 1986



Picture at left shows PDG David and Veeda Oakley.

Diabetes is the key word for Lions Clubs this year, but in Victoria our association with Diabetes research and funding go back as far as 1981. This was the time that the major medical breakthrough of self-blood glucose monitoring became available. What was needed, however, was an institute that could teach self-blood monitoring to insulin-dependent diabetics and health professionals. Initially the clinic was carried out temporarily from army huts and houses scattered over the hospital grounds which was totally inappropriate and Professor Zimmet was able to use his drive, foresight and entrepreneurial talent to find the $450,000 needed to renovate the abandoned and condemned old nurses’ residence.

Sir Ninian Stephen officially opened theLions International Diabetes  Institute in 1985 and it was Australia’s first Institute devoted exclusively to diabetes research, education and treatment programs. Lions Clubs throughout Victoria donated $82,000 towards the cause with the Victorian Lions Foundation donating a further $18,000. To take advantage of the potential for photography as a preventative measure, the Lions Eye Unit was established with the Lions Clubs of Nunawading, Melbourne Host and the City of Caulfield donating $23,000 for the purchase of a special eye camera.

As you will see by the photo below, the original name was the Lions International Diabetes Institute. There have been several name changes, for various reasons and in May 2010 the International Diabetes Institute and Baker Heart Institute amalgamated to form Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute. Lions and the Victorian Lions Foundation are still supporting the Institute and the important role they play in medical research.


The original plaque that was mounted on a rock at the entrance to the Diabetes Institute – now Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. The plaque is now on the honour wall inside the Institute in Prahran 

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